Listen Up Guys: Do You Want To Gain Muscle, Burn Belly Fat, Have More Confidence, Improve Performance, And Look Great Naked?
Project Shredded's Game Changing 90 Day Program is Scientifically Proven to Help You Achieve The Body of Your Dreams WITHOUT Crazy Diets, Steroids, or Living in the Gym! Guaranteed! 
Are you tired and frustrated wasting hours in the gym with little results while watching other guys get lean and fit?
Now it's Finally YOUR Turn. 
Project Shredded was designed based on the program I used while competing and earning my Pro Card in Men's Physique. This stuff WORKS! You'll be able to follow the blueprint that got me and so many other guys Shredded in a completely DONE FOR YOU system GUARANTEED to get you results in JUST 90 Days! 
With Project Shredded's mobile training program through the platform you will get:
Workouts designed by elite trainer to get you in the best shape of your life accessible 24/7 from your phone.
Nutritional program and calorie/macro recommendations and food tracking to burn fat and reveal your 6 pack. 
Comprehensive progress tracking and reports for your workouts, nutrition, and body stats including pics.
Bonus Guides to give you all the information, tips, and tricks that I personally use to stay lean and fit year round. 
Step by Step video and written descriptions of every exercise in your program to ensure proper form and maximum effectiveness.
Supplement recommendations based on science and personal experience to support a lean and healthy body.
Facebook Support Group for my Fitness Family to share their successes, struggles, tips, and support one another. 
110% Money Back Guarantee: Like all of my coaching services I want you to be thrilled with your results or I will pay YOU!

Meet Coach Mike:

Hey! My name is Mike Kneuer and I know a thing or two about getting Shredded. During my decade in the fitness industry I’ve been a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, nutrition coach, and professional physique athlete. My passion is getting people strong, lean, and fit. I’ve been doing it a long time and (if I say so myself) I’m pretty damn good at it.

But I wasn’t always Shredded. I was just like you. I was working out and spending hours in the gym but frustrated because I wasn’t getting the results I thought I should be. Truth be told, I didn’t really know what the heck I was doing. I was doing tons of cardio, picking random workouts out of men’s magazines, and listening to dudes at the water fountain spouting their “bro science”. I thought I was doing things right, but the results just weren’t there. 

It wasn’t until I became a personal trainer and started studying the science behind fitness and nutrition that I was able to put together a program that took me from being “fitish” to stepping on stage and winning competitions. Now I’m sharing what I’ve learned through trial and error and countless hours studying exercise and nutrition to bring you the game changing 90 Day Program - Project Shredded. 

I’ve helped numerous guys, just like you, get the bodies they want in less time by working smarter, eating better, and using real science rather than “bro science” to get amazing transformations. What are you waiting for? YOU could be NEXT!

And right now, you can join the thousands of guys getting shredded for less than a cup of coffee a day!
Completely DONE FOR YOU Program That is GUARANTEED to Get You Results!
With Project Shredded's game changing 2 phase program you will Experience:
  • Increased Muscle Mass: Pack on pounds of highly metabolic muscle and become stronger, bigger, and increase your metabolic rate so that you burn fat like a furnace. Develop a physique you never thought was imaginable with my specially designed hypertrophy (muscle growth) resistance-training program.
  • Fired Up Fat Loss: With Project Shredded’s unique metabolically designed workout program and Nutrition Plan you will turn your body into a fat burning beast and reach your goals 2x as fast! Burning fat isn’t complicated. There is a science to it and you’ll benefit from my knowledge without doing any of the research or wasting time learning by trial and error.
  • Higher Testosterone Levels: Learn how to naturally increase your testosterone to get mind-blowing results and become an Alpha Male without any dangerous supplements, unproven Bro Science, or steroids. Gain muscle and lose fat easily while boosting your self-confidence and libido with Project Shredded’s bonus 9 Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone. (Attention Guys Over 30: Your Testosterone has already started the slippery slope of decline…learn what I did at age 31 to increase my Testosterone by 27% without any steroids or artificial hormones!!!
  •  Shredded 6 Pack: I have laid out a step by step easy to follow blueprint to take you from an average bodied weakling to an absolutely shredded beast. Get the type of body you’re so proud of you’d burn all your shirts if you could. I know the feeling, and it’s great!
But WAIT...there MORE!
So I'm guessing by now you're pretty excited about getting started with Project Shredded. Well do I have some great news for you...for a limited time if you sign up RIGHT NOW, you'll get access to my SECRET STASH of Fitness and Nutrition eBooks for FREE! 
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  3 Months of Project Shredded's professionally designed game changing fitness and nutrition program accessible 24/7 from your phone or tablet to completely transform your body and life. $299 Value
  •  Comprehensive Exercise Library with step by step instructions and videos for every exercise in your program to ensure proper form and effectiveness. $499 Value
  •  Get Shredded Guide detailing all of the fitness, nutritional, and lifestyle tips to get and stay shredded year round. $149 Value
  •  Natural Testosterone Guide containing the 9 science based things I did to raise my testosterone naturally over 25% in my 30's. $99 Value
  •  Stretching Guide to help keep your body flexible and injury free. $99 Value
  •  Facebook Support Group to motivate, educate, and keep you accountable and on track to achieving your goals of getting shredded. $99 Value
That's well over $1,200 of Value and Expert Help... for JUST $299!
Unless you're happy with your love handles and belly fat you'd be a fool to not jump on this offer RIGHT NOW!
Simply short, Mike Kneuer is the REAL DEAL…I immediately admired his passion for what he does and the individualized attention he gives…The guy has clearly taken the time to learn about and knows the nutrition side about getting your body right. In 2 ½ months on Mike Kneuer’s fitness and nutrition program I went from 199lbs to hitting my goal weight of 179lbs. I’m on my way to being in the best shape of my life and I trust Mike to get me there.
Monte H. - Lost 20lbs!
I went to high school and played hockey with Mike…After school I stopped playing hockey and MIke moved away for college and I gained a lot of weight…Mike was the first person I reached out to for help…he worked with me through email and Skype…with Mike’s fitness and nutritional guidance I was able to lose 50lbs and keep it off. The app was literally like having Mike in the gym with me.
Mike D. - Lost 50lbs!
What are you waiting for?
It's YOUR Turn to Get Results!
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